Try Ghost!

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One of the reasons I don’t blog enough is that WordPress is pretty complicated to do simple things, and it’s very difficult to make beautiful things (I have been looking for a decent theme for years, premium or otherwise). It might be powerful and extensive in its toolset but that is actually the crux of the problem. All I want is an easy editing experience when ‘creating content’ which really just means writing words and throwing in a few pictures (perhaps also sometimes dragging in some code). When your requirements are that simple, WordPress becomes the sledgehammer solution.

So I was very excited to stumble upon the Ghost kickstarted project, and immediately pledged my £25. I’m looking forward to using a beautiful blogging platform that only contains things I need to actually create blog posts, and not run and entire media empire! That said, I like that it also open-source, as this means there’ll be solutions to the problems most had by bloggers, and some of those solutions will have come from the community. Check out to see more. They are apparently releasing to their Kickstarters this September!