My 60 second review of QConLondon 2015.

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I was fortunate enough to attend QCon London 2015 last week, and so I present my 60 second review.



I guess this speaks to the success people are having with microservices, but MS-talk was all over this QCon. In fact, too much so. There was a lot of duplicate knowledge presented in talks, and by the end of it I was a little tired of it all.

2. New meme: Binary protocols, and protocol design.

With the explosion of microservices in-house, focus naturally comes to performance issues around TCP/HTTP/JSON etc. Many folks are dropping down to lower level, sometimes custom-written, protocols, eg. tchannel on Thrift at Uber.

3. Oh Node Where Art Thou?

For all it’s popularity, Node.js was pretty absent and if mentioned, only in dispatches, I would’ve liked to see more node-love.

4. Potential new meme: Actor-model. Some people seem to be attacking concurrency using the Actor model or “actor-based concurrency” (eg. Halo4 built on Azure using Orleans). I will be reading up more on this!

Overall, I was glad I was there, but I don’t think the talk curatorship was as good as previous years, and I would hesitate if using my own money to buy conference ticket! (I helped out as crew, which I have done for several years, and so get a free pass).

I will though of course be back next year!

Videos of talks will be released over time here:

One thought on “My 60 second review of QConLondon 2015.

    Michal Franc said:
    March 8, 2015 at 12:31 am

    Check Akka project and Akka.Net port then. I am into those things lately. Currently experimenting with F#, and docker.

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