Knowledge Management Dissertation

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I’m updating my CV at the moment and a friend suggested I put my Knowledge Management dissertation online, for access and posterity.

Here is the abstract:

Knowledge management is an important competence for organisations to achieve in the new knowledge-powered economy. However, over a decade of attempts by organisations to achieve effective knowledge management supported by sophisticated technical tools has produced more failures than successes. With new ‘Enterprise 2.0’ tools powered by ‘Web 2.0’ technologies now ubiquitously available, organisations have a better chance than ever before to realise the dreams of knowledge management. But obstacles remain, many of them centering around employees’ behaviour and perceptions. Organisations need to support and encourage employees towards knowledge management behaviours in order to successfully implement a KM strategy. We investigate the perceptions of employees in reaction to the deployment of wiki-based KMS application ìn a medium-sized multi-national corporation. We find that support and management is needed in six specific aspects of the KM initiative. The results should prove instructive to other organisations wanting to begin or improve their knowledge management strategies.

You can get the full PDF here:

KM 2.0: Employee Perceptions of a Wiki-based KMS Deployment

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