Why MoneyDashboard probably sucks

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A few months ago, in my continuing quest to find a personal finance manager (UK equivalent of Mint.com) I registered on http://www.moneydashboard.com. After getting past the initial shock/horror of Silverlight, I tried to perform some basic tasks but found the site cryptic to figure out and difficult to use throughout subsequent attempts.

After forgetting about the site, I received an email a couple of weeks ago informing me of all their whizz-bang new features. Unfortunately for them I took it as a reminder to unsubscribe, and requested that they delete all my info. Today I received a confirmation email apologising for the delay and asking for any feedback. Turns out I was in a feedback kind of mood…

Hi [name],

In the spirit of constructive criticism, and if you’ll allow me, 3 points:
  1. The fact that this email is delayed by nearly two weeks, and that my initial email seemingly went to three separate mailboxes, makes me think that Money Dashboard (MD) has loads of operational inefficiencies that will ultimately drag on all aspects of the user experience of the product. Someone, probably middle-management, should be focusing less on the work and more on the system of work over there. Simplifying the system and eliminating confusion (like which support mailbox to watch) will allow people to focus on customer service and user experience of MD.
  2. Silverlight was the wrong technology decision. I’m guessing MD have a) heard it before and b) believe can’t do much about it now (but MD can).
  3. Even factoring out Silverlight, the user experience of the site was poor. I recommend investing in more UX design people from which the development process begins (rather than the salespeople or business analysts or whoever is driving development now).
Hope that helps,

Was I too harsh? Probably. I am sick of half-ass tech out there? Definitely.

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