5 Goals for 2011

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Right, here we go again. A little less fluffy and more measurable / achievable this time.

1. Improve the System of Innovation where I work

Currently we have 10% time (akin to Google’s 20% time). I’m thinking this isn’t enough. I’ll blog about any success I have changing it.

2. Improve Knowledge Management where I work

This one should be easy, because I’m pretty passionate about it. I started the first wiki in the company (to my knowledge) several years ago, and always thought they were a good idea. My Msc in Management has exposed me to all the academic stuff that an “enterprise collaboration tool” can enable like David Senge’s Learning Organization and Ikujiro Nonaka’s Knowledge-Creating Company. I am well placed to make this stuff a reality where I work.

3. Pass May/June Exams

Obvious, but necessary. They tell me one doesn’t get a degree unless one passes one’s exams. They do make it awfully difficult for one these days!

4. Write a decent dissertation

It’s going to be an exploratory case study on what happens (from the perspective of employees) when improved KM practices are implemented within an organisation. Stay tuned.

5. Pay off all debt

Since beginning my Msc I have had some considerable debt in rotation on 0% credit cards. Not the way those personal finance guru’s advocate the way to manage your money. Time to get rid of it, plain and simple, and get back to only using credit cards as a short term measure.

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