Lean and Mean

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IMG_0214 A couple of weeks ago I presented at an internal company conference on Lean Software Development and what we can learn from Lean Manufacturing. As I am still a neophyte at presenting, the PowerPoint notes are prosaic and should be a coherent read.

I also included a slide discussing the Estimation Fallacy and Optimism Bias in an attempt to provide some insight into why software estimation is so often inaccurate.

The last thing I wanted to slip in was a slide on The Alignment Trap as presented in a Bain Consulting industry research publication released back in 2007. Briefly, the conclusions of this study put companies in four distinct quadrants: Well-aligned/Effective; Less-Aligned/Effective; Well-aligned/Ineffective and Less-aligned/Ineffective. The sales figures of the companies in the less-aligned/effective quadrant were better than the sales figures of the well-aligned/ineffective companies. The lesson there being that companies should avoid the alignment trap by letting their IT departments become effective at what they’re doing, before aligning IT operations more accurately with the business strategy.

It’s all in the presentation in better detail here!

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